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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Score a Nissan Cube T-Shirt for $5/Shipped

If you're a big fan of the Cube or nearly free t-shirts, then hop on over to this site to get a custom printed Nissan Cube shirt for the price of shipping (just use coupon code MyNissanCube). The shirt is pretty cool because there are a lot of phrases to customize it with such as "go tell it to your blog."

Normally a shirt like this would set you back around $20 shipped but Nissan is giving away the first 500 gratis. Do they really mean"First 500" or is this one of those "Be on of the first 100 callers and get the second bottle of Colon Blow for free" offers? I can't answer that, but why dilly-dally?

You can also check out the microsite that Nissan has setup for the Cube complete with a countdown to the reveal at the LA Auto Show.

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