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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Spill Your Drink? YES You Can!

A few years ago I bought a WRX. Not owning the car more than a few hours, I took my coworkers for a test ride. One of the coworkers was just getting out of his car and had a coffee (with lid) in his hand. He wanted to go for the ride. I asked him about the coffee and he assured me that he had a grip on it. I spooled up the turbo and dropped the clutch. He didn't have a grip on the coffee. I could've used YES Essentials. This new lineup of stain proof fabric means that car owners "can enjoy their vehicles without worrying about the dirt, grime and spills of everyday life. " Look for Chrysler to start featuring this fabric next year. A big plus as far as I'm concerned is this, the fabric has an "anti-static agent improves comfort and reduces static shock." Both the WRX and the Odyssey give me quite the zap whenever I slide out of the driver's seat.

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