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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

New Nissan "D" Platform Gets an "A" From Edmunds

Improved power? check. Improved handling? check. Improved interior? you betcha.

The 2007 Altima seems to have improved on all fronts, at least according to Edmunds. The engine has been relocated to allow the half shafts to be mounted at equal angles to reduce torque steer, that would be a good thing considering the wicked torque steer that plagues the Maxima. The steering proved to be sharper and more nimble than the previous version. The CVT made the most out of both engines. Inside the interior plastics had a much improved look and feel. What's up with that goofy speaker in front of the gearshift? I think it's part of the Bose package (lesser models have a storage compartment). I don't like the looks of it. UPDATED: None of them have a speaker, they are all storage compartments. I still don't like it, though.

It's a tough market, however, as Honda and Toyota are continuously refining their market leading sedans. The Koreans are also elbowing into the space. Let's not forget the buzz building on the 2008 Malibu--it's supposed to be pretty stylish. It's all good for consumers, though, as it's increasingly difficult to buy a loser car in this segment.

Full Edmunds article here and while you're at it check out the shots of the 2008 Mazda 6.


Anonymous said...

its not a speaker... take a look at the current accord, has the same style storage compartment

rwcmick said...

yeah, i took a look at a high res shot--i guess they all have storage compartments (my bad). but why the contrasting color? it would look so much better if it matched the rest of the plastics.