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Monday, June 25, 2007

Countach + Cessna + FBI = Lawsuit

FBI agents on a "familiarization flight" and a 68 year old man driving his prized possession collided last year at Oregon's Aurora State Airport (the third-busiest airport in Oregon, just behind Portland International and Hillsboro).

As described by one of the FBI agents: the plane was "moving down the taxiway about to enter our hangar area, moving at about a fast walk and crossing a narrow inner taxiway perpendicular to us when the aircraft crunched to a sudden stop.

"Out the left side window of the aircraft I saw a small black sports car dart from under the prop moving to my left, gushing fluid," the unidentified agent wrote.

In the end the NTSB concluded that car's owner and the agents shared blame for the wreck. Investigators said both failed "to maintain an adequate visual lookout and their failure to see and avoid one another."

The car's owner is seeking $105,500 in damages. Here is the full article.

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