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Friday, November 30, 2007

Don't Forget to Wipe Your Hard Drive On the Way Out

So, it's the year 2012 and it's time to sell your 2007 Infiniti G35. You ponied up for the music system with the hard drive and you loaded the car with all your favorite tunes. While your out on a test drive with a potential customer you demonstrate the system and it turns out you have the same taste in music. As your signing all the papers and completing the deal, it probably doesn't occur to you that you don't have the right to sell the car with your music still loaded on the drive. As Britain's AutoExpress reports, that's just the case: selling a car with a hard drive loaded full of ripped CDs isn't legal, just like you can't sell preloaded iPods on eBay. It will be interesting to see how aggressive this practice is monitored by the RIAA and such. It would seem to be very difficult to enforce, just as it is difficult for the DMV to prevent sellers/buyers from fudging the transaction price to save on sales tax. However, the RIAA may realize this and put the onus on car manufacturers to educate car owners. Perhaps requiring a boilerplate warning each time a disc is ripped to the car's hard drive and providing a quick and easy way to wipe the whole drive clean.

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