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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Price of Death? $2.93/Gallon

Two Detroit area gas stations, a BP and a Marathon, had been getting into a bit of a price war. These kinds of penny a gallon price drops happen all the time when you get stations in close proximity, however after the Marathon station dropped its price to $2.93 it seemingly enraged the BP owner who was selling at $2.96 a gallon. There was a war of words, then punches, a baseball bat and finally a handgun. In the end, the BP owner was dead and the Marathon owner was arrested. The Marathon station was surrounded in a sea of yellow tape and the BP station had raised its price to $3.09.

The picture you see above is my best guess as to where this took place. I searched for BP and Marathon stations on Fort Street in Detroit and the 7900 block seems to be where a BP and Marathon co-exist. I took a Google Maps satellite shot of that block.

A very sad day when someone dies over a couple pennies per gallon.

Source: Detroit Free Press

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