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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Technology of the 2008 Domestics: Chrysler

Moving on with our technology preview, we now take a look at Chrysler. The big news is, of course, the new minivans. One feature that I wasn't aware of was the fact that the overhead video screens aren't just self contained units, they are tied into the vehicle's body electronics! Motor magazine wonders out loud whether the increasing complexity of infotainment and safety electronics will require a specialist to sort it all out. If you look at the minivan's interior data bus, you'll understand their concern.

From a mechanic's standpoint the Viper's V10 is a stand out not just because of its 600hp, but because it's the first pushrod engine with truly variable valve timing from a two-camshaft system--a solid camshaft within a hollow camshaft. This allows the dual setup to fit into the same bore in the valley as a conventional single-pushrod engine. The Viper is unique because it can change exhaust valve timing alone, without making the same changes to intake timing.

Those are the highlights for Chrysler, we'll tackle Ford next.

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