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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Technology of the 2008 Domestics: General Motors

One magazine I always look forward to is Motor. Sure it might be primarily focused towards mechanics and repair shop owners, but I really enjoy getting the latest tech info that other sources simply don't offer. I'll break these down by manufacturer. Here's what's new from GM:

There's the new hard drive based infotainment system in the CTS as well as the 3.6 direct injection (DI) mill that has an engine driven high pressure fuel pump that operates at 508 psi while idling and peaks out at a hefty 1,740 psi. When you opt for one of the optional suspensions the DI mill upgrades from two fans / three relays to three fans / four relays. Also the DI motor has an auxiliary electric water pump that's triggered by a near overheat condition. Because of the extra clatter, the DI is covered with silencing pads, not diesel thick silencing pads, but a thinner version. Just to make things simple, GM also throws the silencing pads on the base engine as well. Also, GM is debuting Lane Departure Warning (LDW) and Side Blind Zone Alert (SBZA) systems on Buick’s Lucerne. The system will miss if there's dirt or water on the sensor "eyes" and can throw "Clean Side Blind Zone" and "Service Side Blind Zone Alert System" warnings on the driver information display.

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