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Thursday, November 29, 2007

VW Minivan: Nicer and Pricier

According to this Windsor Star article, assembly line workers who have been putting together pilot versions of VW's van say that the interior is much nicer than Chrysler's but that it will also cost considerably more.

Chrysler's Windsor Assembly Plant has been building pilot versions of the VW van for months in preparation for the production launch. New vehicles are usually launched only after hundreds of pilot versions are run through the industry's kilometres-long assembly lines, to test the build system and work out production challenges. The pilots are never sold.

"We've been running a few of them a day down the line for a while, but we stopped a few weeks ago," said a Windsor line worker who asked not to be named.

"There's nothing but RTs in the system right now."

The VW vans are code-named the "RM."

"I haven't even seen one completed," he said. "But I hear (from other Windsor workers) that they're a lot nicer than ours inside. I also hear they're a lot more money."

Having sat in several copies of Chrysler's new vans, I'd say that the interior certainly could use better plastics. If VW can bring the goods plus improve the handling a bit, then I'm very interested. I am a bit concerned about the "a lot more money" comment, how much of a premium can you charge for a minivan?

The vans should debut at the Chicago show in early February and appear on dealers' lots in October.


Anonymous said...

Does anybody know if these new Volkswagen Min-van will have HID Xenon lighting as standard or as an option?

Anonymous said...

if vw wants to get the big bucks for this van, they are going to have to offer equipment like xenon headlights.

Ivan said...

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