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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

One ZR1 To Rule Them All

As I pick and chose what to write about, sometimes I'm faced with a dilemma. Like this ZR1 for example. Here's a car that's going to generate a ton of press, many blog entries and a lot of frothing at the mouth. However, I'm not sure what I can add to the mix? All I've got are the same pictures that you see posted everywhere else, vehicle info and a keyboard to write about it. What would really be motivating is some time behind the wheel :-)

The car is loaded with more fiber than a box of Metamucil at Costco. Horsepower from the supercharged mill is rated at 620 and 595 pound feet of torque is on board to push you into the seat back.

This Vette truly has more cowbell.

Carbon-ceramic Brembo brakes, 15.5" in the front and 15" in the back. According to my pal Sam Abuelsamid over at Autoblog, there is an anti-yellowing chemical additive (used in circuit-board manufacturing) for the carbon fiber bodywork that costs $60,000 a gallon before being mixed with the clear coat. The interior has seemingly been left alone for the most part. Too bad because it could have used a little spiffing up.

This car is a tremendous technical achievement for GM and Chevrolet now has a true supercar to represent the brand. For me, however, the look of this ZR1 is just a bit over the top. Is it all the scoops, bulges and flares? I don't know. Maybe it looks better in person.

Word has it that the ZR1 will list for around $100k when it becomes available sometime in 2008. I don't know how many they will produce, but I'm sure that Chevrolet will have no problems selling them.

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