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Thursday, December 06, 2007

"Most Romantic Car" Nets $185,000...No, It Wasn't Your High School Camaro

He gave up the throne for love, but he kept his Buick for three years. King Edward VIII was just the The Prince of Wales when he ordered an American-built Buick in the summer of 1935. He ordered a range of goodies, including two silver gilt cigarette boxes, a silver jewelry box, six silver top-decanters, and two posy holders. It also was equipped with a blue light on the front, used to let police know the king was in the car.

When the car was delivered in February 1936, King George V had died and Edward had inherited the throne. When King Edward decided to abdicate and marry the controversial (to say the least) socialite Wallis Simpson it was the Buick that carried him to 10 Downing Street to let the Prime Minister know.

I bring up this car because "the world's oldest surviving Rolls-Royce" got most of the press from the Bonhams auction.

Sadly, my high school Camaro only sold for $2,800.

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