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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Nothing To Do With Cars, Everything To Do With Life

Totally not car related folks, so for those only in it for the autos you can just skip this one...

Sometimes the worst feeling in the world is just staring at an empty screen, the cursor just glaring back at you "write, write, write..." Being a blogger for several years now has given me a whole new appreciation for Jack Nicholson's writer's block in The Shining, that is for sure. I do not see myself going insane at a ski lodge, so no worries there, but it can be pretty depressing.

Most of the time writing is a joy and I find that I have more to talk about than I have time to cover. However, there are days when even finding one thing that I want to post on is a real challenge. It is usually not for a lack of material, but rather something inside that just holds me back. I tell you, it is even difficult to write this!

So why am I writing and not being able to write? I guess to get it off my chest. These things come and go and I am sure that I will be able to shake this off. Next year is shaping up quite nicely. Kicking things off will be the auto show in Detroit and then just a couple of weeks after that my wife and I are expecting the birth of our second child. I also have one or two auto related irons in the fire and I look forward to sharing more about those projects with you in the New Year.



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