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Friday, December 14, 2007

Park Here, Only $148,000

Some lucky Norwegians were charged between $37,000 and $148,000 for parking stickers when the machine dispensing windshield parking permits went gonzo and multiplied the amount of time they bought by 10,000.

Since most folks don't have $37K lying around in checking, these drivers were left with frozen debit cards just in time for the final holiday buying season. Banks were "racing" to correct the erroneous transaction, and the parking company said it wanted to compensate the motorists.

Back here at home, a South San Francisco company will refund customers for fake citations it had issued in free parking lots. Employees of the company left official-looking but fake citations on cars that allegedly violated the posted parking rules or California Vehicle Code. The notices threatened towing if the fines were not paid.

Sources: chicago tribune, sfgate

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