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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Critiquing Garage Design

The San Francisco Chronicle has a column where an "Urban Design Writer" critiques various structures. This week one of our subway system's garages (top picture) gets picked apart as an example of "brake-screeching ineptness of the design." Ouch! A winning design, in the writer's opinion, is a garage created for a real estate firm (bottom picture) that "takes advantage of the kinetic perspective that comes from cars slicing past at high speeds" and looks like a "glowing cloak" at night.

It's difficult to really judge these buildings without additional photos, but matter how many angles you view a building, architecture is subjective. The writer praises a building with a geometric facade of blue ceramic tiles that, when compared to the other garages, looks to me to be the worst of the set.

You can check out the full story and pictures by clicking here.

Photos source: top photo-kurt rogers/chronicle, bottom photo-gensler

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