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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

GEMA Engine Plant Could Be A Gem For Automaker Needing Four Cylinder Engines

Automakers angle for Chrysler's idle engine plant - Automotive News

Everybody wants four cylinder engines and manufacturers are clamoring for additional capacity to satisfy demand. Now what if I told you that a high tech engine plant located in Michigan and was been grossly underutilized? That’s exactly the case with Chrysler’s Global Engine Manufacturing Alliance (GEMA) facility in Dundee, Michigan. As it stands right now, only half the plant is being used and that's not good for anybody. Chrysler has stated that the plant is not for sale, but certainly Chrysler would be interested in business propositions. BMW and supplier Magna have been rumored to have toured GEMA. Chrysler needs to work each asset to its fullest. Finding more work for GEMA has to be at the top of its list.

photo source: chrysler

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