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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mercedes R-Class Refresh

Pity the poor R-Class, never really getting the attention it so wantonly desired. I really was interested in the concept of such a car, but the droopy snout of the production model just turned me off. Shots of a nose job over at Auto Express give some hope that all is not lost.

What I've done is selected the spy shot and for comparison, the current model. For some insight, I'm also showing you the revised B-Class (blue) and the original (red) to give you an idea of what Mercedes might be up to.

Originally we were going to get both the R and B classes here in the USA but then at the last minute the B was yanked from the U.S. lineup. Mercedes now says that the next generation A/B class model may make it to our shores. The last report was 2011 for an arrival here in the States, but I wonder if that timeline has been changed at all? Also, dealer's attitudes towards such a vehicle would have to change. In the past U.S. dealers have had a mantra "Nothing less than a C-Class" but with four buck gas those opinions might have softened.

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