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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Rights to Name Child Go For $100 Gas Card

It was a typical stunt by a radio show: we've got a $100 gas card, what are you willing to do for it? There were offers like free landscaping, a stuffed animal collection and a maid in skimpy outfit, but one caller was willing to let the hosts name his unborn baby. We have a winner.

No matter what your business, free gas is fast becoming the number one way to win customers. Take for example the 'Shady Lady Ranch' brothel in Nevada. Spend $300 on their services and get back a $50 gas card.

How about the Florida lottery's "free gas for life" Summer Cash contest. You could win 26 $100 gas cards for each year you live. $2,600/year for life just doesn't have the same pizazz to it. Cost of the ticket? Your soul. Well, actually it's five bucks.

A quick Google search yields tons of free gas promotions. Like everything else, the craze induce by these gimmicks will fade with time. As I ponder my family's long trek down I-5 tomorrow, what would I do for free gas? None of the above, I can tell you that.

photo credit: Malin Arnell

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