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Friday, July 04, 2008

Sobbing About Saab

Dave Newhouse: A Saab story - Inside Bay Area

On this July fourth, I thought I'd call to your attention an article by a local writer (link above). Being a recovering Saab owner myself, I can certainly sympathize with Newhouse's experience. Newhouse says that Saab, loosely translated, means "electrical disaster." The uplifting part of this story is that Newhouse formed a connection with his service writer, something that I was never able to do with mine. Where my Saab relationship ended in acrimony, his ended in the simple realization that his Saab was simply too expensive to maintain. Newhouse followed his service manager to Toyota where he bought a Camry. Talk about a sea change!

Going forward Saab has a new raft of products. Soon we'll have the next 9-5 and a crossover will replace the dismal 9-7x. A smaller 9-1 should also added to the mix in a few years time. Will these new products have fewer "sob stories?" Yes, I think that Saab is getting its house in order. My friend's 2004 9-3 has experienced far fewer troubles than my 2002 9-3 Viggen did. Sure his alarm occasionally goes off while he's driving, but to experience a completely gremlin-free Saab would go against the grain.

photo source: mother jones photo essay "sea change"

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