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Monday, July 14, 2008

Wagoner Prepares to Talk Turkey

GM has sent out an advisory that Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner will hold a news conference tomorrow, Tuesday, July 15 to discuss actions the company is taking to align the business to current market conditions. Before speaking the media, Wagoner will address GM employees in a twenty minute broadcast. Automotive News is citing sources that claim the address will be upbeat in nature. With its stock being hammered and bankruptcy rumors popping up like whack-a-mole, Wagoner has to get out in front and address both the troops and the media. GM shares rose in after-hours trading Monday likely in anticipation of the realignment announcement.

Look for Ford to conduct a similar conference at some point this month as well. There should be news from the blue oval about its plans to bring its European lineup to US showrooms.

I doubt that tomorrow's conference will be like the above video, but any chance I get to post a video of Amy Poehler's Kaitlin character, then I'm going to take it. Rick,Rick,Rick!!!

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