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Friday, July 25, 2008

Your Sporty, Spiffy PR Video of the Day: GM Opens New Powertrain Development Center

What if I told you that I have a GM Powertrain video with no commentary whatsoever? Would you be interested in that? You, fine reader, are in luck because I have just such an item posted above. I did entertain the idea of embedding the video with no writeup of my own, but I scratched the plan as the joke wouldn't really have been that funny. Not that any of my posts are really that hilarious to begin with, so the bar is pretty low.

The video is trumpeting the fact that GM opened a new Powertrain Engineering Development Center in Pontiac, Michigan. The facility will test advanced propulsion technologies (like the Volt) and bring them to the market faster, including plug-in hybrids, advanced transmissions and clean diesel engines. The center features a new test setup area and a quick-change pallet system, which accommodates setups and repairs outside the test cell while other work is conducted inside. This process used to take 24 hours but now will only take twenty minutes.

Alright, that's enough cut and paste action for today. You can read the full article on GMnext by clicking here.

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