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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Buying a Mazda...The Hard Way

The following dealership experience was sent my way and I thought I'd relate it on to you. I've removed the name of the dealership since I haven't verified any of this. Every story has two sides and we're only hearing one. Normally I don't like to repeat gossip, but I will tell you that I have been to this dealership and I found them a bit shady myself, so this story is pretty believable. Below is an accounting of the events as it was sent to me. My favorite part of the story is where the "fired" salesman calls two days later and tries to sell them the same car.

When I have a positive experience with a company, I'm often moved to share it with others. When I have a negative experience, I often blow it off. However, when I have an experience like I had with xxx Mazda this past weekend I am compelled to share it so that others do not have to endure a similar experience. In a nutshell, we had been negotiating on a new car with xxx Mazda for several hours on Sunday. Finally, we came to an agreement, we signed the papers, wrote the check, exchanged keys and were waiting patiently with our two children (ages 3.5 and 1.5) for our new car to come out of detailing. When it did, it was not our car!!! Okay we thought, we've been here for several hours and we'll have to wait a bit longer until they detail the right car. No, actually they sold us the wrong car. Then, when we pointed out that it was not the car we had wanted or been negotiating, they said they couldn't sell us the car we wanted at the price we had negotiated!!! They actually refused to sell us the car that we had identified seven hours earlier in the day, the car we had been negotiating on for the past several hours, the car that we had spent the past two hours signing papers on while our two small kids ran around the dealership. Then they blatantly lied and told us the car salesman had been fired as a result. How do we know this was a lie? Because the salesman called us two days later and said he had not been fired and he wanted to try to sell us the car again!!! Unbelievable. Seriously folks, these people have no morals or ethics. There are a dozen other Mazda dealers in the Bay Area. Go to them and do not waste one minute at xxx Mazda. They do not deserve your business.

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