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Monday, August 04, 2008

Consumers Complain: "Ethanol Killed My Weed Whacker"

Mechanics see ethanol damaging small engines - Consumer news-

Back in 2006, I discussed the risks that fuels containing ethanol pose to boat owners. Now some small engine users are reporting engine troubles of their own. One lawnmower repair shop owner describes the damage caused by fuels containing at least some ethanol: “When you put that ethanol in here, it eats up the insides or rusts them out. All the rubber gaskets and parts — it eats those up.” Countering these arguments, the Renewable Fuels Association defends ethanol, “Tests completed on lawnmowers, chainsaws, weed trimmers and blower vacs with ethanol fuels showed no engine failures, no unscheduled maintenance and good performance,” the association said.

This past winter I put in a few ounces of gasoline stabilizer in all of my lawn equipment. When I went to fire up my rototiller, the fuel line had liquefied and I had to fit a new one. Was it age or was it ethanol? You decide.

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