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Sunday, August 10, 2008

GM Debunks Diesel Myths

I'm a big fan of diesel engines. You can't beat the groundswell of torque you get from these engines and I rather like their sound, even though most modern diesels are barely audible. GM's next "Debunk" film centers around diesels and for a company that really isn't going to be pushing passenger car diesels, I thought it was an interesting choice. I'm really pumped for MY09 and MY10 as we will truly see if diesel passenger cars can duke it out with hybrids on the showroom floor. So far I've heard rumors that VW is selling out of its initial run of TDIs even before they've hit the lots. Soon we'll see entries from Mercedes, Audi and BMW and the very exciting engine from Honda that will not be using urea as an aftertreatment. We'll also see a Nissan Maxima and Subaru might bring a diesel to our shores as well. Mini has said that we will get a diesel added to our lineup at some point, but left the time frame open. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a successful diesel invasion!

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