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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Hacking Electronic Toll An Easy Goal: Scary Facts About Your Transponder

Things that go beep in the night. If you've ever wondered what else your little white square of a transponder might be doing besides paying your toll, this isn't the article to read. FasTrak can keep tabs on you and that information could potentially be subpoenaed by your soon to be ex. When outside its protective Mylar sleeve and stuck on your windshield, FasTrak will cough up your transponder ID quicker than your "friend" ratted you out to the principle back in grade school. That ID can then be cloned and suddenly your paying for someone else's tolls or worse being placed somewhere that you really weren't. Solutions include bagging your transponder, which is lame, or hacking into it and created an on/off switch which is also lame.

Full CNET article can be read here.

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