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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Honda Stream's U.S. Chances Gaining More Steam

Ever since the latest version of the Honda Stream hit the JDM market, there has been a buzz that the U.S. would get the people mover. Streams have been spotted in the Los Angeles area, however that in and of itself doesn't mean that it will be imported here. Recently there was a Bloomberg story that speculated about Honda bringing the Stream to the USA. The Stream has been featured on Temple of Vtec's "New Model Release Matrix" for quite awhile and now Automotive News is stating in it's annual "Future Product Series" that the Stream may be imported for the 2010 model year.

The Mazda5 has had a recent surge of interest and no manufacturer likes to see a competitor eat cake all alone. While it's true that the Mazda5 does have sliding rear doors and greater seating capacity (at least in the U.S. market) the Civic/CR-V platform mate Stream is a very good looking car and would probably do well, easily eclipsing the Mazda5's sales numbers. Automotive News is speculating that the Stream would probably be offered in five seater (two row) configuration here in the U.S, forgoing the more cramped seven seat (three row) capacity available in Japan.

My own prediction? It's a lock!


Home Exchanger said...

If the Stream seats 7, fine. Otherwise, don't bother. Remember, that 3rd row is used by those of us w/kids so "cramped" isn't really an issue.

The whole point of the Mazda5, which I own, is the sliding doors and 6-seat capacity in a small car. No one needs yet another 5-passenger vehicle.

The Stream looks like and has exactly the same functionality as the Toyota Matrix.

The Mazda5 is one of Consumer Reports' most highly-rated models and its only competitor is the much-lower-rated Kia Rondo.

rwcmick said...

I've found several sources that state the Stream will be five seat when it is made available in the U.S.

Here's one from 8/2007

which states "Undeterred, Honda will relaunch an updated version of the Stream in the US for '09 , says our source, but only a two-row version will be coming. "

And just this week 8/08 auto news stated about the stream

"It shares a platform with the Civic and CR-V and likely would compete with the Mazda5. While the Japan model has three rows of seats, the U.S. version may be two."

now, who knows, maybe once source is quoting the other source. maybe honda is concerned about the safety of that third row? i don't know. the seven seater could happen, i just haven't seen any information that would back that up.

nice choice on the mazda5, i really like that little bugger. good thing its sales picked up, mazda was thinking about giving in the chop here in the u.s., but that all water under the bridge now.