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Friday, August 22, 2008

It's Good to be The King: Autoblog Reader Snaps U.S. Spec Fiesta

Attention budding spy photographers everywhere: The time to accost auto engineers is right after they have wolfed down a Whopper. It's rare that you find such a cooperative and forthcoming engineer in a test mule, but when you do, you take full advantage. That's exactly what Autoblog reader Chris did when he spied this 98% production ready Fiesta. The engineer wouldn't talk about the powerplant, but he did say that Ford's plans are exciting.

I've lined up some Euro shots next to the Burger King model for comparison. What these photos bear out is what I've been hearing from other sources. Ford is not going to muck with either the European design or materials. As Ford rep Said Deep mentioned to me in a phone call, Ford is very much aware that everyone wants soft-touch plastics and Autoblog's reader specifically mentions the quality of the plastics inside the car. When I drove the current generation Fiesta, it was a hoot. This model should only improve on things.

Needless to say, Autoblog readers are going nuts for the car and why shouldn't they?

source: autoblog

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