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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Keep Motoring...For Free

I know that I have mentioned these magazine separately, but I thought I'd do a combined posting on several online magazines that are free and easy. The first is called Motor and is aimed primarily at repair shop owners, but I find it fun to quickly scan through each month. Maybe I pickup and interesting story about new technology or a tip on how to solve a common problem. Click here to check it out.

Another magazine is a recent launch from the folks at Auto Express. It's called iMotor and its along the same lines as Winding Road. I happen to think these types of magazine are the future of most publications. You get all the good stuff of a snail mail magazine, plus interactive content and zero risk of your magazine being read by your mailman first and then delivered. Click here to check out iMotor.

Of course, online auto magazines couldn't go without the mentioning Next Auto's Winding Road magazine. I'm not clear as to why they've rebranded the site "Next Autos" but whatever. Click here to give Winding Road a test drive.

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