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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Made from the best stuff on Earth? Urine Bottles on Roadway Pissing Off Authorities

Um, okay I didn't see this one coming. Apparently there has been an increase of urine filled bottles on Oregon's roadways and authorities are blaming high gas prices. Truckers are driving slowly and not stopping at rest areas, but instead peeing into bottles as they drive along and then throwing them out the window. Improperly disposing of human waste is a misdemeanor and carries a potential fine of $250.

Truckers want it known that many in their profession consider this practice unsightly and that other drivers, not just truckers, throw out urine bottles as well.

Increase Seen In Urine Bottles On I-84 - Portland News Story - KPTV Portland

photo source: oregon state police


Shea said...

nothing like peeing in a bottle I guess,

rwcmick said...

Personally, I find it tough to take a whiz in a moving car. A "wide mouth" bottle makes it easier, but even so it's more of an art than science. Why can't these guys just dump the bottles the next time they DO stop?