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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mazda Expands Measures to Improve Employee Work-Life Balance: No 'Happy Endings' Included In Plan

I'm not sure what other automotive companies offer in the area of "work-life balance" but this improved plan from Mazda sounds impressive. Now, why did I include a protest song rated as one of the "Ten Terrible Records by Great Artists," "111 Wussiest Songs of All Time" and "50 Worst Songs Ever?" Because I'm a sick and twisted individual, that's why.

Mazda has announced that it will implement 10 policies to enhance its employees’ work-life balance beginning in August. The enriched personnel system offers more flexibility through measures to address the balance between an employee’s work and childcare and/or care for family members. These measures will enable Mazda to actively support the development of its employees’ careers.

  1. Holidays available to pregnant employees who feel ill.
  2. Five consecutive working day holidays are available (both male and female employees) until a child turns one year old.
  3. Extension of leave period available until an employee’s child turns three years old. (Previously, the policy covered children up to one year old, and one-and-a-half years old in some cases). The leave period can be divided.
  4. Special working hours granted for childcare. The current applicable period (to the second grade of elementary school) has been extended through to graduation from elementary school.
  5. Provides an opportunity for former employees who left the company due to marriage, childcare, or family care reasons to return the company
  6. Introduce a work at home option for a more flexible working style for employees who are taking care of children and family at home. (Up to 25% of regular monthly working hours.)
  7. Leave time is available for family-related nursing care, volunteer activities, children’s school events and fertility treatments.
  8. Provide the opportunity for employees to invite his or her family members to the workplace so that they can deepen their understanding of his or her work.
  9. Provide female employees with networking opportunities to communicate and exchange information with each other to energize their work.
  10. Supports female employees in creating a long-term career plan

complete shiny, happy press release can be found here

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