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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Netflix and Your Vehicle Payment Are Related

It's a classic line that has been used for decades: "The check is in the mail." Of course, many times the check wasn't in the mail, it wasn't even written and the person making the promise had no intention of mailing anything, anytime soon. But of course, there were those pesky, honest people who actually had mailed in their payment. As a payment processor, how do you know who to trust and who to hassle? The answer is to place your trust in technology and not the word of the payor.

What is this grand development that allows Toyota Financial to sniff out truth tellers from liars? Bar codes. Millions and millions of bar codes. PredictionPro is DST Output's unique mail tracking and reporting solution that allows clients to enhance the effectiveness of their statement production while enjoying real-time scan information and performance reporting. Based on the United States Postal Services' (USPS) CONFIRM Service and PLANET Code technology, mail tracking allows companies like Netflix and Toyota to know when you've mailed back your dvd or payment. The technology works in the other direction as well, allowing billers to know that statements have been received by customers. In addition, DST allows billers to customize their statements (called TransPromo), perhaps offering service reminders or special incentives for customers who might likely to buy another vehicle.

source: DST Output via Automotive News

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Matt said...

Wow, that is a very interesting link you provide intertwining two seemingly unrelated industries.