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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Piggy On The Loose! 2009 Acura TL Photos

The MDX started this nasty grille business and it has just gotten worse. Hopefully the TL writes the final chapter and we can move on from here. I think the front clip on this car makes it look droopy and heavy. It looks like its mother either got too much or too little Vitamin A during pregnancy. The side profile is okay, but the Hoffmeister kink in the rear pillar is broken up by a cut line for the door opening. Things don't get any better with the trunk, especially with this car's tacked on spoiler.

I've got no issues with the interior other than it is too somber. I'm sure it's crammed with all the features you'd expect, but can't they make it a bit more zippy in there? Is that a mechanical parking brake I spy? Shouldn't have they have gone to an electronic parking brake by now?

I've never had issues with how these cars have handled, they've been amongst the best FWD cars in the business. Now that SH-AWD has arrived as an option, power should be routed to the ground even more effectively. I'd be happy to commute to work in this car, but walking up to it wouldn't be pretty. I'm not racing to my Acura dealer for this one.

source: inside line via autoblog

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