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Friday, August 08, 2008

To Be or Not to Be? A2B is The Question

We've seen a few riffs on powered bicycles and here's another attempt. The A2B (so punny) bike is powered by a 36V Li-Ion battery and 500W hub motor and is rather portly at 73lbs. Range is 20 miles on what I would imagine to be relatively flat terrain and can be extended with an additional battery pack.

Billed as a commuter bike, I find it odd that there is no chain guard to protect your pants from the greasy vengeance of the ever spiteful chain. When completely drained, it takes a longish 3-4 hours to get a 90 percent charge. Also odd for a commuter, there are no lights on the bike.

Most of the "power assisted" bikes that I have seen run in the same price range. The A2B should sell for around $2,500. From what I've read, this bike seems pretty ridiculous. The far sexier Ohm Cycles which sport a torque sensing motor, regenerative braking, and lights are more to my liking.

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