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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Global Interior Designs

The second I saw Mini's Crossover Concept interior with that silly globe, I had had flashbacks to Ford's Explorer America concept. If you'll recall, Ford's concept also had a globe of sorts embedded in its dash. Just for fun I've snipped paragraphs from both Ford's and Mini's news releases, can you match the BS with the manufacturer?

"Future state of the art interpretation of a traditional yachting compass, displaying real time global positioning, 3D landscape, 3D weather forecasting from live Dopplers, 3D traffic visualization, destinations, urban and country terrain, by way of projected holographic imagery and "intelligent forecasting", for all the vehicle occupants to view."

"For the first time, therefore, the central display and control unit is designed as a globe. This three-dimensional layout allows even more consistent integration of functions and the appropriate presentation of information and entertainment options. In addition to the vertical and horizontal display features currently available, the new instrument adds a further, three-dimensional element with displays stratified on various levels and highlighted to a greater or lesser degree, depending on the driver's and front passenger's requirements."

My question is, will either of these globes pinpoint the exact location of the horrific accident you'll be involved in because you were too distracted by these gimmicks?

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