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Monday, January 05, 2009

2009 Pleasanton Boat Show Cancelled, San Mateo ISE Only "Game" In Town

Update: I've been in contact with the press department for the San Mateo International Sportsmen's Expo and hope to have some quotes for you shortly, but in the meantime if you do plan on attending here is a link that will save you a couple of bucks on admission.


Not a car-related post, but one of extreme interest to me: the 2009 Pleasanton Boat Show has been cancelled, seemingly at the last minute (the webpage is still up). A request for comment from the show's organizers yielded this quote, "Yes we cancelled this years show because of the current lack of demand. We plan to return in 2010."

I dearly love the Alameda County show because it is the one time every year that I can pretend that I still own a boat. It's totally understandable given the current environment that vendors are pulling out, however, you have to think that the show also is a big sales generator as well.

Instead of Pleasanton, you can head over to San Mateo's International Sportsmen's Exposition, which should have some of the displaced boat dealers on hand. I spoke with Livermore boat dealer Liquid Wrenches and he said that the Pleasanton show was cancelled supposedly due to RV dealers lack of participation. He also stated that his store is going to give the San Mateo show a try.

I called the San Mateo's show promoter for any comments they might have on the Pleasanton show's cancellation, but to date all I have gotten is a promise of a callback. I'll update this post should they have anything to say about their seemingly good fortune. My only grump is that the show has a higher ticket price of $15 instead of $10. The ISE will run from January 8-11, 2009 and ACATT will be there to take in all the action! Incidentally, the San Jose auto show will be running during the same time frame, you can find out more info by clicking here.

I'd be interested to find out how many other boat/RV/ATV/etc shows are being cancelled for 2009, I bet there are quite a few! I haven't heard of any local auto shows being pulled at this point.

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