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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ship Goes Under Bridge, But Might Delay Its Progress

One of the most important roadway projects in the Bay Area is the rebuilding of the eastern span of the Bay Bridge. Not only a tremendously important seismic upgrade, the new bridge is also a much appreciated upgrade in appearance. There is now a big cargo ship, with vital structural steel needed for the project, waiting to be unloaded and two unions are disputing over who has the jurisdiction to do the job: Caltrans Ironworkers and Longshoremen.

Here's how it breaks down: the pier where the ship is docked was shut down years ago and Caltrans hired a contractor to unload the ship and handle the shipments. The ILWU says it doesn't matter that the pier had been shut down, it's active now and they have jurisdiction.

Caltrans isn't taking a position one way or the other and simply states that the stalemate will add additional costs to the project.

source: abc7news

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