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Monday, December 29, 2008

Windshield Wash Results in Murder

It's a tragedy, but sadly someone has lost his life over a clean windshield. A driver and his girlfriend stopped at the Pilot Travel Center in Salinas, CA to refuel. A transient approached the pair and offered to clean the windshield for some cash. The driver declined, but the transient persisted and finally the driver went inside to complain. While the driver was gone, the transient went ahead and started clean the windshield. The driver's girlfriend hopped out to tell him to stop and the driver ran outside and confronted the transient. Things became physical, the transient was knocked down and suffered fatal injuries and now the driver is under arrest for the suspicion of murder.

I think we've all been accosted by transients at some point in our driving careers. I have never gotten into a shoving match, but I've had to drive off a couple of times to avoid trouble. Of course, we don't know what was said between the two men nor how physical the fight was, but you have to sympathize a bit with a driver who was simply trying to gas up his car and wound up in jail accused of murder.

The lesson of the day is that no matter how provoked, we are responsible for our actions and you've really got to think things through. It's never a wise idea to lay your mitts on anyone because you never know how it might end up. I feel badly for both of these guys.

source: the californian

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Anonymous said...

That is pretty sad.

I really like your car blog. It's still news about cars--not about the financial crisis.