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Friday, January 16, 2009

2010 Honda Insight

I had a chance to check out the production Honda Insight while I was at the show. Given that Honda had no formal press conference, it was fairly easy to check out the car. I think that the Insight is a nice looking design and while it certainly is inspired by the Prius, it looks fresh enough to impress buyers. Inside the car, the materials do indicate that Insight was built to a price. Honda has had a bad practice of using some rather cheap feeling materials inside its recent releases and the Insight does nothing to remedy this. Other than that, this is really a Prius as envisioned by Honda. If the company can hit its price points, then it should have a decent seller. Of course, gas price instability being what it is, one never knows how any hybrid model is going to sell in the marketplace on any given day.

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