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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

2010 Lincoln MKT

I like the Flex. I like the idea of a more luxurious Flex. I'm not enamoured with the MKT. It's distinctive, that's for sure. I started to warm to the design last year when it was in concept form, but I'm not feeling it anymore. The interior was a nice surprise. I hadn't read through the press materials before I sat inside and was very happy with what I saw. Everything had a nice feel to it and the color selection was good. If I had to grump, it would be the gauges. I think they are a little low rent given the space in which Lincoln wants to play. Even the center stack seems a bit plain. I feel that way about most of Ford's IPs, they just aren't catchy enough. As with every car that Ford is releasing these days, it has an amazing list of tech features. This approach appeals to me, as I think that in-car tech will be a huge influencer moving forward.

Spending some serious time with the MKT would answer whether or not I can get past that whale of a nose and that silly MKT badge on the back. With Cadillac getting out of the seven seat crossover space, Lincoln will have some breathing room for its latest addition. I am very curious to see how many buyers are willing to take such a styling leap.

In addition to my pictures, I've added some FoMoCo provided material. I was disappointed that I was not able to get a better portfolio of photos taken, mostly because people kept climbing into the vehicle.

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Anonymous said...

Stop with making station wagons!

I need a replacement for the antique Town Car. Requirements:
- RWD primary. You can offer AWD. But, it's got to be a native RWD car.
- LS400 or better rear seating. Needs to seat five comfortably.
- Hide the gadgets. I don't want to look at the GPS when its off; and I don't want it to double as the climate/radio controls.

You've had plenty of concepts that fit the bill. Please build it!