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Monday, January 19, 2009

Fiat/Chrysler Tie-Up?

Remember the last time Fiat got hitched? It soaked the groom (GM) for about $2 billion plus a premium platform that GM abandoned and another one that Grande Punto/Opel Corsa shared. Not a bad deal for good old Fiat!

Now the shoe might be on the other foot with Fiat looking to hook up with Chrysler. It's an interesting prospect because the two companies don't overlap very much. Chrysler has virtually no European presence and Fiat doesn't have much of a foothold here in the States. Chrysler don't have many small cars and Fiat has boatload of them. Both brands can be needy at times, so perhaps a co-dependant relationship could work. Either that or they could end up on Jerry Springer in a few years.

If this saves Chrysler, brings the Alfa to the States and gives us the Fiat 500 then it's WIN, WIN, and WIN!

source: automotive news

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