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Monday, January 19, 2009

GM Readies Saab For the Singles Bar

When you talk of GM, it's hard not to speak of its brands that are under review. One such nameplate that is getting a thorough going-over is Saab. Unlike Michael Scott from the TV show ''The Office,' Saab is not being called into the boss' office to discuss what it is doing right. Instead, according to interviews I had with GM staffers, GM's European operations is reviewing the brand and will make recommendations on what should be done.

Separately, in an article published in Automotive News, the trade paper quotes GM sources as saying that "Saab has been negotiating with GM and the Swedish government about becoming a more independent company, initially as part of GM."

If Saab development was split off from GM Europe and moved to Sweden, it would hark back to the olden days for the Griffin brand. I'm not sure how this would all play out, but certainly if GM wishes to cleave the brand from its business, it has to make it a clean break. That means getting Saab's house in order and its bags packed.

source: automotive news

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