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Sunday, January 25, 2009

If we just wanted to shut it down, we could have announced that

The headline of this article is a quote from Mark LaNeve, GM's vice president for North America sales, service and marketing regarding the Saturn brand. So what is going to happen to GM's little division that dared to be different? This editorial by Ed Lapham over at Automotive News paints a very pessimistic picture of brand's future. On the other hand, this Detroit News article is a bit more optimistic about Saturn's chances. LaNeve brings up a good point, they haven't taken Saturn behind the barn and shot it quite yet, but certainly leaving Saturn in limbo isn't helping sales. I had previously mentioned that Saturn dealers might purchase the brand from GM and as far as I have heard, that still might be a possibility. GM certainly does think quite highly of Saturn dealers and would like to find a way to retain them (regardless of what Lapham says).

The wait should be over soon. One way or the other GM is going to have announce a decision and we'll just have to wait for that to happen. Of course, that's easier for us to do than Saturn dealers.

source: detnews

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