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Friday, January 16, 2009

Marco...Polo: VW Will Bring Small Car Stateside

Long speculated, now confirmed by Automotive News Europe: VW will bring the Polo to the States. Many automakers are looking for hedges against fuel price spikes and the best way to do this is to leverage their European portfolios. Ford, GM and now VW are all planning on bringing small cars from Europe to that U.S. in the hopes that should prices rise, they'll have a response already on the showroom floor. The nice thing about all of these cars is that they aren't strippers. Ford's Fiesta is going to have some upscale features and a nice list of options, Chevrolet insiders promise that folks will be delighted when they see the Spark's interior and it goes without saying that VW will have a very credible entry with the Polo. I fully expect Mercedes to bring its next B-Class vehicles stateside. Will Audi bring a sub-A3 entry to America? That remains to be seen. VW gave reporters no timeline for bringing the Polo to the States, but the next generation will debut at the Geneva in March.

source: autoweek

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