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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Toyotas, Geos and Not So Bright Thieves

Sigh, sometimes you just gotta wonder about people. Take these two twenty-year-olds: John T. West and Ashley Sorensen. The pair decided to steal some rims off a Toyota, I guessing a Corolla, and fit them on their Geo, probably a Metro. That part of the caper went well, what didn't work out is when the two drove by the crime scene, reportedly to "See if the lady had called the cops." Off to the pokey with Ashley and John!

This reminds me of the time some thieves decided to steal gas from my uncle. They completely destroyed the gas locking gas caps on his pickup and then siphoned out the gas into whatever containers they were packing. As you well know, siphoning gas is no picnic. Just behind these geniuses was a 500 gallon tank of gas with an unlocked pump. No fuss, no muss and unlimited fuel for the taking. To top matters off, my uncle is a generous guy and would have given them some fuel if they had simply asked him.

source: cbs13

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