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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

GM Diesel Delayed, Really Delayed...

Update: Here is GM's official announcement:

Given the current economic climate, GM has reviewed and updated its U.S. product portfolio and has decided to place on indefinite hold its previously announced plan to add a Duramax 4.5L V-8 diesel engine in 2010 to its Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra light-duty trucks.
Chevrolet and GMC will continue to offer a heavy duty Duramax 6.6L V-8 diesel, which is class-leading in both horsepower and torque. Light-duty truck customers can also choose from several fuel-efficient gasoline engines with GM’s Active Fuel Management mated to a six-speed transmission or a new 2-Mode hybrid that provides up to 40 percent improved city fuel mileage and 25 percent improvement in overall fuel efficiency. In fact, no other full-size pickup has better fuel economy.
GM remains optimistic that the Duramax 4.5L V-8 diesel may be a viable option in its future portfolio.


Remember when I spoke with Chevrolet's Ed Peper back in January? I asked him about the new 4.5 liter diesel. I summarized Peper's response in the following paragraph:

The light duty diesel that was supposed to debut shortly has been delayed. I asked Peper if it was technical or market conditions imposing the delay and he said it was market conditions, but he pondered that answer for a number seconds before he said anything.
What caught me off guard at the time was the pause he took to answer that question. Now we know what he took that time to think about his answer, that new diesel is not going to be arriving anytime soon, in fact rights to the engine may be sold to another company. At the very least, the engine would be delayed at least a year.

Full story over at Automotive News

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