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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Return of the Skyhawk?

I have brought it up in the past and now that spy shots of a small Delta-based Buick are floating around, I'll ask it again "Why not bring back the Buick Skyhawk?"

Now of course, Buick has to be careful here. The last thing it needs is another Cimarron fiasco. The Cimi was a small J-Body just like the Skyhawk was, but offered little in the way of premium car feel or appointments. However, given the proper luxury treatment, I think the brand could make a go of it. The spy shot above does not look that appealing--just a minor retouch of a Chevrolet Cruze from what I can see. That particular car is headed for the Chinese market where I am sure it will find success (they do love their Buicks). If Buick did want to bring a vehicle like that to the U.S. market, it would have to have high grade materials and zippy powertrains to distance itself from its siblings.

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West LA Car Blog said...

Skyhawk or Skylark it makes sense. With the right materials inside and the right styling outside it could be a big hit for Buick.

Reasons why? CAFE Standards. With Pontiac going Niche and Saturn buh bye GM can have two distinct cars aimed at two distinct mid-entry level cars. It's not like the are just tagging a Buick logo on a tiny car like they did for the Pontiac G3. Plus before the car market collapsed when oil way high people were buying small cars with lots of extras. People want the small car but don't want to give up all the big sedan feeling.