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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

When You Are Drunk, Everything Sounds Good...Such as Picking Up Your DUI Buddy at the Po-Po

"Can you bail me out?" "Sure, just let me finish my drink and down a few pills first." That's pretty much how it went down for Mary A. Campbell of Bullville, NY when she went to pickup her DWI buddy at the state police headquarters early Saturday morning. Needless to say she now has herself a court appearance. No word if a third drunk buddy was enlisted to pickup the first two.


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Anonymous said...

That is absolutely hilarious. Not entirely surprising though! Thanks so much for sharing, you really made me smile!

Great blog, glad I found it while surfing Blog Explosion - though I'm not as passionate about cars as you are, I learned a lot of new things here! Thanks and keep up the good work!