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Monday, April 27, 2009

Speed Cameras: Most Hate Them, But Kill an Operator?

I have read a number of speed camera stories from the great state of Arizona, but up until today I was unaware that someone had been killed over it. Apparently, Arizona not only has fixed cameras but photo vans as well. The vans are marked and manned by civilians. A very pissed off driver swooped around one of these vans, shot and killed the operator sitting in the van. It just makes you sick. Now, the wisdom of putting an unarmed civilian in what is essentially a fishbowl of motorists' ire probably doesn't make a lot of sense and Arizona is reviewing its procedures.

My feelings are mixed on the whole idea of these cameras. I don't want to see people speeding down my street and when I'm on the freeway, I hate the sight of some moron zooming and swerving past everyone. However, I don't think the simple fact that you may be going a set amount over any particular limit automatically justifies a ticket.

Speed Camera Slay Fuels Debate In Arizona - CBS News

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