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Friday, April 24, 2009

Wither Pontiac?

More and more sources are confirming that Pontiac is indeed done for. The brand has struggled with a lot of "me too" models, but I thought the G8 was a great vehicle with which to rebuild the brand. I also think the Solstice Coupe is pure sex.

In the grand scheme of things, however, offering Pontiac at the Altar of Obama is probably a wise move. Since most Pontiac dealers are paired with Buick and GMC, there should be little fuss from the troops. I don't suppose that we could get our Chinese market Buick Park Avenue now that the G8 is gone, could we?

No authentic images of Chief Pontiac are known to exist. This artistic interpretation was painted by John Mix Stanley.

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Doug W. said...

I wonder how much good it will do at this point for GM to get rid of a brand. GM will still have all the worker contracts to deal with. Thats the real issue, and it doesn't seem that our "current occupant" is going to change that either. I get that this is a political move. That's what bothers me. The decisions being made aren't, and haven't been for a long time, business decision. They have been political decisions. I've been a fan of GM vehicles all my life. The Camaro and Chevy trucks are the greatest vehicles ever made. :) I would still, without a doubt buy a GM vehicle if the entered chapter 11 bankruptcy. I would however, think twice about it if they became "Government Motors". It is fast approachig that point. Sad to see. If I wanted to own a piece of a car company but not have any say in what they did, I would have bought stock. I thought this was America. I guess Pontiac isn't the only thing going away.