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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Chrysler bankruptcy: Almost out of the woods?

A very quick hookup for Chrysler and Fiat

In what has been a shock, at least to me, Chrysler's bankruptcy proceedings are humming along at a remarkable pace. We where told at the outset that Chrysler would emerge from its chrysalis by the end of June, but I had as much faith in that prediction as I have in the "Your expected wait time is 5 minutes" announcements when I call customer service: not much.

Now it would appear that the new Chrysler/Fiat partnership will be a reality well before an operator takes my call. While creditors might beg to differ about the benefits of such a quick process, it is great new for the rest of us: Consumer confidence will be boosted, factories can reopen and the healing process can begin in earnest.

For more info: Read this Bloomberg article.

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