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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Isetta Stone

AutoExpress thinks that a future generation of Isettas might look like this rendering. Sure is cute as a bug, isn't it? Of course, any such vehicle would have to have eco-cred with a full range of fuel sipping powertrains. While an Isetta could arrive in Europe as soon as 2011, I'm more sceptical about when and if we'll see it here. While it is true that BMW has had great success with its Mini brand, I'm sure it will actively watch how the flood of smaller cars that are headed our way fare in our marketplace before it makes any plans to bring it here. Sure is fun to speculate, though, isn't it?

Don't worry, I have the perfect plan: buy a Mini Cooper today, trade it in for a Fiat 500 and then you'll be ready to trade the 500 for the Isetta. Or maybe by then you'll be so sick of small cars that you'll buy a minivan.

source: autoexpress

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